Crushing Novaria: A Kid’s Guide to Mastering Mobile Legends

Taking on Novaria: What’s the Fuss?

Mobile Legends is packed with heroes, and Novaria, the storm-bringer, is a big deal. She’s got killer moves and lightning-fast attacks, causing chaos on the battlefield. But no worries! We’re here with tips and tricks to kick Novaria’s thunderous behind.

In this guide, we’ll check out different heroes to deal with Novaria. We’ll spill the secrets on how to beat her at her own game. With the right heroes and smart moves, you can be the hero who owns the battlefield against.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive into the ultimate guide on taming Novaria in Mobile Legends. Get set to change the course of the battle and be the hero who triumphs over these hero in epic showdowns!

Crushing Novaria: A Kid's Guide to Mastering Mobile Legends

Cracking Novaria’s Code in Mobile Legends

1. Watch Novaria’s Moves

Novaria is quick and nimble. Keep an eye on how she moves and predict her attacks. Don’t let her get close easily. Use heroes with cool Crowd Control (CC) powers like stuns or slows to mess up Novaria’s moves and score big in battles.

2. Focus on Burst Damage

These hero can heal a lot, especially when she pulls off her ultimate move. Hit her with burst damage to take her down fast before she can recover. Pick heroes with mega damage and killer combos to smack her hard in a short time.

3. Use Heroes with Healing Powers

These hero may hit hard, but she’s not great against constant healing. Team up with heroes like Estes or Rafaela who can keep your team healthy and stand up to Novaria’s attacks.

4. Keep Your Distance

Novaria’s got crazy long-range attacks. Don’t let her get too close. Use heroes with long-range skills like Lesley or Karrie to attack her from far away and stop her from closing in.

5. Build Anti-Regen Items

Since Novaria can heal up VTBET quickly, grab items that mess with her healing powers. Stuff like Necklace of Durance or Sea Halberd can mess with Novaria’s healing and make her less tough.

6. Talk to Your Team

When dealing with Novaria, teamwork is key. Coordinate your attacks and focus on taking her down. Use everyone’s skills and experience to make a smart plan.

By using these moves and knowing Novaria’s weak spots, you’ll be a hero who knows how to handle her. Keep practicing, study how her moves, and adapt to the battles. With time and practice, you’ll crush with her and be a big deal in Mobile Legends.

Heroes That Rule Against Novaria in Mobile Legends

1. Harith – The Magic Whiz

Why? Harith is a wizard against Novaria. He’s super fast and can zap Novaria’s health away. Plus, Harith’s cool move, Chrono Dash, lets him dodge Novaria’s attacks and stay on her tail. Use Harith’s moves wisely to shut down these hero and take her out quick.

2. Chou – The Kickin’ Fighter

Why? Chou is a fighter with moves that mess up Novaria’s plans. His skills, like Jeet Kune Do and Way of Dragon, let him control Novaria’s moves. With Chou’s speed and jumping powers, he can dodge Novaria’s attacks and deal big damage. Use Chou’s powers to stop her in tracks and hit hard.

3. Ling – The Wall-Jumping Ninja

Why? Ling is a ninja with crazy moves. He can jump on walls and zip around, making it tough for Novaria to catch him. Ling also packs a punch, taking down Novaria fast. Use Ling’s skills smartly to dodge Novaria and hit her from tricky angles.

4. Lunox – The Dual-Mode Mage

Why? Lunox can switch between light and dark modes. This makes her perfect for handling Novaria. In light mode, Lunox deals big damage from afar. In dark mode, she’s super fast, dodging Novaria’s attacks. Use Lunox’s double powers to tackle Novaria and control the battle.

5. Kaja – The Team Player

Why? Kaja is a support hero who can mess up Novaria’s game. His ultimate move, Divine Judgment, pulls Novaria close, making her an easy target. Kaja also has strong moves to mess with Novaria’s plans. Use Kaja’s powers to crush Novaria and work with your team to take her down.

Choosing the right hero and using smart moves are key to beating Novaria. Each hero has its strengths and weaknesses, so know your hero well. Practice with these heroes and study how Novaria moves to be a hero who rocks in Mobile Legends.

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