Ballerina Travels the World and Dance in the Streets After Pandemic Layoff

Ballerina Bianca Carnovale has been traveling the world and dance in the streets. Her Instagram account, @balletbusker, captures her various performances in public spaces, often entertaining both adults and children.

“I showcase ballet to people who have never seen it before, and I remind people that ballet exists,” she says, as reported by People.

However, this was not always part of her plan. In the spring of 2020, Carnovale was studying at a ballet academy in New York City. The COVID-19 lockdown forced her to return home to Australia. The 22-year-old then moved to Melbourne with hopes of auditioning for The Australian Ballet.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, they weren’t holding auditions. “There were no ballet jobs in the world,” she recalls.

She Worked Two Hospitality Jobs

She worked two hospitality jobs, one as a server in an upscale restaurant and the other cooking burgers. She also continued taking ballet classes online and dancing alone in her apartment.

“It’s really hard to stay motivated, but I love it. I didn’t want to give up,” she says. “I said to my mom, ‘I really miss performing.’ My mom actually said, ‘What if you just perform on the street?’ I said, ‘Mom, that’s crazy.'”

When she shared the idea with her fellow dancer, they encouraged her. Carnovale choreographed “The Dying Swan” and began performing in parks.

“As people passed by, they were so captivated. So I thought that was another reason that really pushed me to start doing it,” she says.

Officially Began Street Dancing

On October 29, 2021, she officially began street dancing as a “ballet busker.” “This is my new dream. I love it,” she says.

She explains, “Ballet has always been something that has helped me; it has always happened to me. I’ve always felt a little selfish wanting to do it. But eventually, when I started busking, I was like, ‘Oh, wait, this can be for other people too. This can actually help people.'”

She particularly enjoys the connections she makes with her audiences. “There was a man who came up to me, and he teared up, and he said that his mother passed away last year, and he’s a ballet teacher, and I just held his hand.”


“It was in that moment when you realize how important this is, and you can actually help other people,” she says. Carnovale now travels the world, performing ballet in the streets three or four times a week.

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