Andy Dewantoro: Unraveling the “Language of Space and Time” Solo Exhibition

Jakarta-based Andy Dewantoro, a renowned Indonesian artist, will open his magnum opus exhibition, “Language of Space and Time.” This exhibition explores the dynamic relationship between spatial alteration and time, mirroring modern life. Jim Supangkat adds richness to this show by introducing its intelligent intellectual structure.

Artistic Odyssey of Andy Dewantoro: A Landscape Evolution of Maestro

Andy Dewantoro focused on landscapes in his artistic journey. His works precisely depict nature’s beauty and subtle religiosity, without being limited to any religion. The painting is a tool for deep meditation, not just religious expression. Dewantoro expresses his artistic experience through paintings, photography, prints, and beautifully made three-dimensional models.

Andy Dewantoro Exploring the Townscape Unconventionally

In the townscape theme, Dewantoro depicts city lanes, buildings, center districts, residential regions, bridges, lighting, and suburban settlement corners. He takes an unusual approach to this issue, forcing viewers to see metropolitan environments differently.

Abandonment: Elegance in Despair

In Dewantoro’s works, buildings, bridges, and streetlights often appear abandoned. They meld into bleak landscapes like frozen ghost cities.

Dewantoro uses “space and time.” Space represents natural and life places, while time represents the constant change.

The Harmonious Discord of “Space and Time”

Space and time, two enigmatic components, are alluring and powerful, sometimes trapped between “continuity” and “change” throughout existence. In “Language of Space and Time,” Dewantoro shows how these two aspects interact and impact each other.

In his own words, “Time may not be attractive to some. Sometimes time-worn items are damaged or outmoded. I think time passes quickly and imperceptibly, leaving memories. In his written statement on Tuesday (3/9/2023), Andy Dewantoro eloquently described his desire to convey the feeling and memory of that temporal voyage in this exhibition.

Art Manifestation by Andy Dewantoro: Urban Dynamics Redefined

The artworks in “Language of Space and Time” represent Dewantoro’s belief that modern life has changed the definition of space in townscapes. The rapid era change has shattered urban subcultures in major districts and suburban communities in residential areas.

Exhibition details: Meet “Language of Space and Time”

Art lovers will be captivated by Andy Dewantoro’s “Language of Space and Time,” on display at Galeri Ruang Dini from September 30 to October 22, 2023. The art show opens Saturday, September 30, 2023. The Instagram account @galeriruangdini has a wealth of knowledge for curious minds.

Unveiling the Maestro: Andy Dewantoro

Born in 1973 in Tanjung Karang, Lampung, Andy Dewantoro lives and works in Jakarta, Indonesia. His education culminated in a 2000 Interior Design degree from the prestigious Faculty of Art and Design at the Bandung Institute of Technology.

Artworks by Dewantoro have exhibited in Indonesia, the UK, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Romania, Singapore, South Korea, and the Netherlands. To demonstrate his effect on modern art, Dewantoro was among the top 30 finalists in the Sovereign Asian Art Prize 2019, an acclaimed Asian artist award.


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